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Space Wooden DummySpace Saving Wooden Dummy
This beautiful hand-carved dummy is of solid hard-wood, finished to the brilliant quality of fine furniture by authentic traditional makers in China. Indispensable for Wing Tsun training, they are also useful for any style of martial arts. Matching hardwood wall-mounting frame included.

Wing Tsun Butterfly Knives Wing Tsun Butterfly Knives
These Butterfly Knives are made for the Wing Tsun style that teaches the long pole and the double butterfly knives. Add this knife to your training regiment.
Made from solid aluminum
Blades are blunt and stiff
Approximately 11” blades/1.5 lb. each
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Striking Bag, a traditional kung fu training tool Striking Bag
Sturdy double layer heavy cotton with eyelets for mounting. This striking bag can be easily filled to meet your needs. This is a traditional kung fu training tool for toughening the martial artist’s hands and fingers.
WingTsun Chi-Sau (Section 3 and 4)
By Professor Leung Ting
The Third and Fourth Sections in the Chi-Sau program
WingTsun Chi-Sau (Section 2)
By Professor Leung Ting
The 2nd Section in the Chi-Sau program
Combine this books with Section one to ensure you are correctly executing the forms.
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Teach Yourself Dynamic Wing Tsun
By Grandmaster Leung Ting, Sifu Cheng Chuen Fun
This video covers techniques that show you how to become an aggressive fighter within 6 months.
Through authentic Wing Tsun techniques and Fundamental you will learn powerful moves and defenses against other forms of martial arts.

Authentic Wing Tsun Kung Fu DVD
By Grandmaster Yip Man, Leung Ting
A must-have Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) Video.
AUTHENTIC WING TSUN KUNG FU demonstration of the Siu-Nim-Tau form and the most advanced 116 wooden dummy techniques
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Dit Da Jow is the Kung Fu Liniment
Dit Da Jow is the Kung Fu liniment for bruises, sore muscles and iron palm training. Brewed from select Chinese herbs, Dit Da Jow is excellent for relieving minor aches, tired muscles and injuries as it conditions your skin. It also is a critical ingredient for Iron Palm Training.
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